Health & Safety

First Aid is given when your child is sick or has had an accident. If the sickness or accident is such that the child should be sent home, we will contact the whanau/parents/caregivers for guidance on this. If the accident is serious, the child will be taken to the Emergency Department of Wellington Hospital. We will contact whanau/parents/caregivers immediately.

It is important that we have accurate records of the address and phone numbers of all whanau/parents/caregivers at school. Please notify the school of any changes during the year.

A mobile dental clinic visits the school once a year. Please complete the dental enrolment form and return it to school to ensure that your child is enrolled. The dental therapists see all children who are enrolled on their register. If whanau/parents/caregivers have any worries about their child’s teeth, please call the clinic on 027 241 8647.

All new entrants will have their vision and hearing checked within six months of starting school and rechecked at Year 7.

Children need healthy lunches every day. This can include sandwiches, fresh and dried fruit, raw vegetables and crackers. Please avoid sugar and canned soft drinks. We do not permit chocolate, lollies or chewing gum at school.

On Thursdays we have a sausage sizzle. Meat and vegan sausages are available for $2 per sausage. Your child can order a sausage by bringing their money and filling in the form in their classroom on Thursday mornings.

We have adopted a water only policy at school. Please do not send juice or milk in cartons in your child’s lunch.

We have limited parking space here at school. The teachers, caretaker, office manager, and support staff park their cars on the driveway outside the main office.

We have visitor parking available in the gravel carpark up the main school driveway and the carpark at the back of the school. Visitors are required to sign their vehicles in at the school office. Vehicles who have not registered at the school office risk being towed away.

Year 6, 7 & 8 children all have a turn doing road patrol. They receive training for this key role from our local police education officer. They assist children to safely cross the very busy Terrace crossing before and after school. Parents and staff monitor the pedestrian crossing on the school driveway.

The crossing on The Terrace is patrolled by our senior school students from 8.30am – 9.00am and 3.00pm – 3.15pm. We require assistance from parent volunteers on the driveway crossing.

If a child is absent for non-medical reasons, please let the school know beforehand.