This amazing event was organised and run by the Year 8 students who were led by Eshika, Toan and Lina.

Here are some quotes and photos to show how much fun the students had…

“My favourite thing was eating ice blocks” – Sylvia, age 9

“I liked doing the water cup race” – Mary, age 8

“There were a lot of challenges that were really hard and a lot of people kept falling over” – Tali, age 9

“It was really competitive and fun.  I liked it a lot” – Tyler, age 10

“It was an exciting experience” – Gabe, age 10

“I liked throwing the balls at the cones and the skipping rope game” – Jay, age 7

“It was fun leading my group and chanting” – Lucy, age 12

“I enjoyed running the activity because it was my first time” – Keira, age 12

“As a group leader I had to watch to make sure no one cheated” – Cole, age 12

“I enjoyed chanting with my group and having fun with them” – Taungatara, age 12

“Holding the cups with water was hard but fun” – Dezon, age 5

“Having an ice block was the best” – Evan, age 5

“My favourite part was when we did skipping” – Daisy, age 5

“I liked throwing the beanbag in the hoop” – Alfie, age 5

“The 3-legged race was fun because it was challenging and I like challenges” – Phoebe, age 8

“Eating the ice blocks was delicious!” – Lulu, age 9

“It was cool because we got to do lots of activities” – Gus, age 10

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