Learning Mandarin at Te Aro School

The Board of Trustees is committed to providing students at Te Aro School with the opportunity to learning Mandarin and participate in Chinese cultural studies. Each week students across the school have a lesson in Mandarin language and Chinese cultural studies. There is a weekly Chinese Culture Club where children participate in activities such as learning calligraphy, enjoying Chinese movies and learn Chinese songs and dances. Our Fan Dance group practice once a week in preparation for performing at school and community events such as our annual mid-Autumn festival celebration and the Thorndon fair.

With a strategic goal in cultural inclusiveness, Chinese studies began at Te Aro in 2009 with Mandarin lessons for Year 7 and 8 children. In 2010 this programme was extended to Year 3-8 children. All teachers learn Mandarin alongside their students and there is a weekly lesson for staff after school. The programme is greatly supported by the MLAs (Mandarin Language Assistants) who have worked full time at Te Aro since 2015.

Annual celebrations are an important part of our Chinese cultural programme including celebrating Chinese New Year and the mid-Autumn moon festival. We celebrate the moon festival in the evening in September with the school community. This celebration usually coincides with Chinese Language Week.  During this week students are encouraged to speak as much Chinese as they can when both at home and school by participating in a Mandarin-a-thon.

By the end of Year 8 we hope our students have a basic understanding of Mandarin language and Chinese culture. It is hoped that as graduating students many of them will then carry this language learning on into secondary school.

The school’s Chinese language and cultural studies have been a focus of a research programme on the development of Asia awareness in New Zealand schools. For more information about this research project, please visit Asia New Zealand Foundation Te Aro School Case Study

International Student: Please click here for more information regarding International Students and Te Aro School.

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