I found it hard to have fun, but by doing the dance I had fun eventually – Elijah (Year 1)

I was proud of my singing and dancing because I looked really cool – Shin (Year 1)

I learnt that I can dance in front of a big crowd and not be shy – Huia (Year 2)

At the start of the song I got confused with the actions. I said I could do it and I did it – Naomi (Year 3)

I had fun watching the plastic bag and watching it knock out everybody. I loved doing the shimmy because I was really good at it – Eli (Year 3)

I learnt that sometimes you can be scared of something but you can still do it – Angelina (Year 4)

My favourite part was the dancing because we got to practise lots – Ngarongo (Year 5)

I was proud of my group because we worked so hard – Niko (Year 6)

I enjoyed when the model was on stage you could see all the effort that had gone into it and seeing peoples reactions – Georgia (Year 7)

I learnt how to make to make a dress.  We had to cut out 2 pieces of fabric from pattern making paper.  I learnt how to attach elastic.  You had to fold it in a weird way and then pray to the sky that it works!  Because if it didn’t that would be terrible – Cole (Year 8)

I was part of the team who created the story and it was really difficult because we had to do it through dancing.  We worked hard at it and talked with people to see if it made sense – Nina (Year 8)


Check out the video from our production…


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